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A Lil' Bit o' Brit: The English Breakfast Tea

Updated: Mar 31

While we're generally Francophiles here at The French Workshop (naturellement), we also have a longtime appreciation for our namesake's cousins across the Channel. The French may be all about their espresso, but the Brits love their tea, and one particular blend has remained a stalwart: the English Breakfast Tea, or as it's alternatively known, Builder's Tea. A full-bodied black tea blend originating from Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya, English Breakfast refers to a longstanding tradition of having black tea along with breakfast in both England and Ireland -- yet, its nomenclature comes from an English tea merchant who immigrated to America. The use of Breakfast teas became popularized by Queen Victoria, who brought home a variation of the blend after a trip to Balmoral, just before it gained the "English" prefix to its name.

Since then, we've long since associated the practice of Breakfast Teas in the morning and High Tea in the afternoon with all things British. For more on the history of tea in England, watch Great Big Story's video below:



Check out The French Workshop's full list of teas on our menu.

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