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A View into Viennoiserie: The Croissant

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Perhaps one bakery item even more quintessentially French -- aside from the baguette -- is, mais bien sûr, the croissant. Though easily associated with all things French the world 'round, the croissant itself finds its origins in the form of the Austrian kipferl, a crescent-shaped brioche pastry. According to legend, a baker heard underground rumblings of a possible Turkish invasion of Vienna, after which the tunnels were bombed, with the baker thus commemorating the event with crescent-shaped pastries. Whether there's any truth to the legend remains a mystery -- but the resounding love for what became the croissant prevails.

Since then, anyone and everyone has had their say on what makes a perfect croissant. For us at The French Workshop, it's the buttery, flaky taste. For some, it's a slight crunch; for others, a light soft, texture. Here's a video we love by ParisianVibe, with model Mara Lafontan trying out some of Paris' best croissants.



Image by Tony Persaud at Be Reel Media. Check out all our croissant offerings on our menu.

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