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A View into Viennoiserie: The Pain Au Chocolat

Ah, yes, the age-old question: is it a pain au chocolat, chocolatine, or a chocolate croissant? It's a debate that has seen many passionate arguments for each moniker. With origins hailing from the Southwest of France, the pain au chocolat is a rectangular type of Viennoiserie (Viennese-style) pastry that is similar in texture to that of a puff pastry.

As with many internationally-known foods, the name of this pastry has varied depending on the region -- in Canada, "chocolatine" reigns supreme, whilst in Belgium, the term "couque au chocolat" is often thrown around. The pairing of chocolate with a bread-like pastry has been a long-time practice in France, where school children would often come home from school and snack on a piece of dark or milk chocolate inside of a baguette -- here, a much truer version of the pain au chocolat name.

Whatever it's called, we at The French Workshop know it's simply one tasty treat. Watch Great Big Story's feature on the pastry's complicated history below, and check out all our available croissant varieties (including chocolate) on our menu.


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