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Bake with Us: Thousand Flowers Tart

Photo by Crystal Rivera

For the coming Spring and Summer, we wanted to do something fun and interactive for both our staff and customers, where members of our staff submit their favorite recipes for you all to bake along with.  Vote on your favorite for the month, and the staff member with the winning submission will get a special prize!

The first recipe is the Thousand Flowers Tart by Crystal Rivera (Cook on Your Nerve), submitted by our Marketing Coordinator, Jessica.  Here it is presented in her own words: 


"This is a beautiful -- and dare I say, fruitful -- recipe from someone who epitomizes Spring in the way she lets her passion for pastries and poetry bloom forth. Her blog is inspired by a Frank O'Hara quote and embodies just that -- inspiration to just go on your nerve. Whether mulling over the latest items in season at The Brooklyn Grange, or over the codependent relationship between wasps and figs through her poetry, Crystal is all about feeding that inspiration. Hopefully, this recipe inspires you to start something new this Spring."

Bake along with us! Try out the recipe below, and tag us on Instagram and Facebook, along with the hashtag #TFWBakeWithUs.


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