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Cafés of the World: New York

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Here at The French Workshop, we believe that a good café is not only defined by the quality of their coffee and desserts, but by the sense of community they inspire. Apart from our own quartet of New York-based shops (more info on our locations here), there is a group of local cafés which deliver the ultimate trifecta in coffee, cakes, and community.


AD HOC COLLECTIVE 13 Christopher Street

The first in this triple-threat of hybrid cafés, Ad Hoc Collective is a café-cum-antique shop. Customers get to have their lattes sitting among beautifully crafted furniture, all of which are for sale.

ROSECRANS 7 Greenwich Avenue

Just like its above-mentioned sister shop, Rosecrans is a hybrid—an all-in-one café, wine bar, and florist—but if it were a flower, it would surely be a perennial. Located just down the street and around the corner from Ad Hoc, Rosecrans delivers eternal spring with its blooms and brews.

PAQUITA 242 West 10th Street

The newest of the bunch, Paquita was named after the proprietor’s late grandmother. Offering loose-leaf tea, coffee, botanicals, and old-world charm, Paquita is certainly a realm for the senses.


All images via Ad Hoc Collective, Rosecrans, and Paquita Instagram pages.

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