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Spotlight on... Bayside

The borough of Queens is often hailed as a city within a city -- in that same regard, the Queens village of Bayside is often regarded as a small town within a city. Indeed, as one walks down Bell Boulevard (where our flagship store is located), one can feel the sense of community just by looking around at the various family-owned restaurants and shops.

Bayside has had a long, colorful history dating back to 2000 B.C., with the first settlement of the Matinecock tribe. Over the years, it has seen everyone pass through its boundaries, including the likes of Old Hollywood screen idols (Gloria Swanson, Rudy Valentino, and Charlie Chaplin, to name a few). Despite all this, one thing has remained the same: the aforementioned sense of community, still prevalent among its growing, diverse population.

This community feel reached its apex this past weekend during the Bell Boulevard Food & Music Fest, where over 30 restaurants (along Bell and between 38th Avenue and Northern Boulevard) participated -- including your favorite artisan bakery, of course! We set our table up in front of the shop, displaying some fan favorites, such as: pistachio gâteau, black forest cheesecake, opera, mini fruit tarts (raspberry and strawberry), pecan pie, orange pound cake, cookies, and profiteroles.

Nothing could have made us happier than to see regulars and newcomers alike enjoying all we had to offer, even after having been here since our opening in December of 2015. Our Marketing Coordinator Jessica Taghap sat down with local NYC documentarian Alan Goldsher (who is on Instagram under @flavorsof_ny) to revisit the bakery's origins, as well as talk about its philosophy, mission, and in-store offerings.

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