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Tout de "Sweet": The Éclair

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

A couple of posts ago, we delved into the inimitable choux pastry -- its history, uses, and ubiquity within the world of modern pâtisserie as we know it today. It's found in desserts and savory items such as profiteroles, gougères, and croquembouche; and influenced other dishes such as crullers, beignets, and zeppoles.

One such traditional recipe using pâte á choux would be the classic Éclair. Named from the French word for a "flash of lightning," the dessert became a staple for those seeking sweet sustenance in a pinch. It is piped into its signature oblong shape before being baked and filled with either custard, whipped cream or chiboust filling.

Below are some of our favorite Éclair recipes from one of our favorite blogs, Southern Fatty (yes, that's the title), all of which are perfect for the Autumn season:



Perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving season, these Sweet Potato Marshmallow Glazed Éclairs are the perfect vehicle for everyone's favorite dish: candied yams. Filled with a sweet potato crème pât and a glossy marshmallow glaze, their sweet., nostalgic taste is sure to bring the whole family together.


Anything laced with cinnamon automatically screams autumn, so these Chai Caramel Cream Éclairs are perfect for that warming, spicy flavor. Southern Fatty's Phillip based his pastry cream filling with masala chai concentrate from Nomadic Teas, adding a bit of candy ginger and cinnamon to top it all off. The result is sugary, spicy goodness.


For a little Southern flair, Phillip added a dash of Whiskey flavor to his Brown Sugar Whiskey Cream Éclairs -- the perfect ode to his Nashville roots. He used Jackson Morgan Southern cream for the pastry cream, resulting in a deep, rich flavor that contrasts nicely against the sweetness of the brown sugar. It's a great Southern take on the comforts of Autumn.


Top image via The French Workshop's Instagram page. All other images via the Southern Fatty blog.Check out The French Workshop's own éclairs, as well as other desserts, on our menu.

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