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Tout de "Sweet": The Macaron

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

In this blog post, we'll be talking about the macaron -- and no, we do not mean the French President! The trendy confection has seen a rise in popularity over the past decade, due to its attractive variations in color and flavor, not to mention its portability and size. The confection is one that is tricky to make, with a particular technique required to perfect the cookies' ruffled base, sometimes known as the "foot". The two cookies themselves are often made with egg white, sugar, and almond flour. Sandwiched in between is usually a cream, jam, or ganache filling.

These days, when it comes to macarons, anything goes. Here are some of our favorite unique flavors -- some of our own, and some that we just plain love.



Created by Pierre Hermé of the famed French confectionery Ladurée, the Ispahan takes inspiration from the Iranian city of the same name. It combines flavors native to the region, such as rose, lychee, and raspberry.


Floral flavors seem part-and-parcel to the macaron experience, and lavender is no exception. The flower's subtle flavor provides a nice contrast to its rich color.


It seems that tea and macarons make a perfect match...a (see what we did there?). The traditional Japanese ceremonial green tea lends its signature umami flavor to the macaron, resulting in a unique blend of sweet and nutty.


The use of the popular British tea variety might seem peculiar, but after a taste of its citrusy bergamot flavor, one might just excuse the decision.


And speaking of green, another favorite macaron staple of ours (so much so that we sell it in our shops!) is pistachio. Introduced in Central Asia through the Romans, pistachios soon became ubiquitous within the region, eventually becoming commercially cultivated in the West by the 19th century. Just like matcha, it gives off an umami flavor; here, a blend of sweet and savory.


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Check out all our macaron flavor selections on our menu.

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